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Feeling the Bern? Psychologist theorizes that Sanders reminds young voters of their grandpa

At the chaotic Nevada Democratic Convention, Sen. Barbara Boxer, an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter, was jeered loudly by Bernie Sanders supporters when she called for the Berners to either unite behind Clinton or boo themselves out of the race.


The Hill reports that, in an interview Thursday on SiriusXM, Boxer tried to explain why Sanders, 74, holds such an appeal over young voters. Boxer recalled a psychologist theorizing that Sanders reminded millennials of their grandfathers.

“There was a psychologist I heard who said that the young people look at Bernie as their grandpa,” Boxer reportedly told Julie Mason. “You know, ‘Oh it’s my grandpa and he’s gonna do great things for me.’ And so he connected with a whole group of voters who don’t ordinarily vote.”


There’s no question that Sanders has promised young people just about everything they could want, from free college tuition to free health care. It’s curious, though, that no one seems to have heard of Clinton, herself a 68-year-old grandmother, reminding millennials of their grandma.


Amazingly, the list is still online at Clinton’s campaign website.

Hillary es mi abuela


Hillary Clinton campaign’s ‘Hispandering’ inspires #NotMyAbuela hashtag

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