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Is now a good time to invest in pitchfork and torch stocks? Ted “Lucifer in the flesh” Cruz has been demonized by the Left for his pro-“bathroom bill” comments. Does comedian D.L. Hughley get a pass with his tweet joking about transgender rights and protections?


The fight for equal rights for transgender people has led to a boycott of North Carolina by businesses, entertainers, and even other cities and states, not to mention an addendum to the U.K.’s travel advisory to North Carolina, Mississippi, and the more rural areas of the United States. In other words, it’s no laughing matter to a lot of people.

Hughley even granted this commenter a coveted retweet for her description of transgender privilege.

Hang on … a recent study that’s been making the rounds in the mainstream media warns of a number of health issues related to bathroom laws. The study “Gendered Restrooms and Minority Stress” found that more than half of transgender people surveyed “reported adverse health effects from trying to avoid using public restrooms, such as dehydration, kidney infections, and urinary tract infections.”


Looks like we have another entry for the “imagine if a conservative had said that” file.

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