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DeRay Mckesson meets with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to talk #CampaignZero, praises her sincerity

It’s very possible you haven’t yet heard of Campaign Zero, which is being shepherded through Washington, D.C. by #BlackLivesMatter founders DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie, both of whom were recently spotted getting cozy with presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett for a selfie. This graphic from the Campaign Zero website is a good overview of the platform, although a more detailed PDF can be downloaded for review.


In part, the platform requires that police departments mandate body cameras and undergo consistent racial bias training and bias testing, which will be linked to performance evaluations. It also demands recruitment and retention of minority police officers, demilitarization of law enforcement and federal decriminalization of marijuana.


Mckesson and crew have already met with Sen. Bernie Sanders and today continued to lobby for Campaign Zero in a meeting with Sen. Elizabeth Warren. How’d it go?

A sincerity, huh? Sorry, but we can’t just let that one go without making mention of Warren’s self-proclaimed Native American heritage, which distinguished her as “Harvard’s first woman of color.”


Also called on today: Sen. Angus King and Sen. Cory Booker’s staff.

In all the hype surrounding the return of The Daily Show, you might have missed DeRay’s appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” where he dropped some truth and expanded his own personal agenda to include same-sex marriage and inclusivity.

One piece of advice to possibly help Campaign Zero along:


When is your staff going to follow up, Hillary Clinton?

* * *

Sorry, #BlackLivesMatter: Democrats more aligned with #AllLivesMatter (and Planned Parenthood)

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