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Failed strategy to train and equip Syrian rebels not suspended, just put on 'pause'

So, what’s going on with President Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria by arming and training Syrian rebels?


CBS News reported Monday night that the $500 million program was an admitted failure and had been suspended. Also on Monday, ABC News’ Luis Martinez reported that the United States was not suspending but rather continuing its plan to train Syrian rebels to act as our boots on the ground there but was holding the cap at 120 while the White House considered modifying its strategy.

The last we’d heard, the U.K. Telegraph was reporting that the first graduates of the U.S.-run training program in Turkey crossed into Syria and immediately surrendered their weapons and ammunition to al-Qaeda forces.

Today, CNN’s Barbara Starr reports that the Obama administration insists that the program to train and equip Syrian rebels has not been suspended, while officials speaking anonymously say it’s been “paused” until the White House figures out what it’s doing.


The hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” and Dr. Keith Ablow discussed the fiasco Tuesday morning and followed up with a question for viewers.


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