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Bernie Sanders' defense of Planned Parenthood leaves out Obamacare, free clinics

As a poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal showed, funding Planned Parenthood would be the No. 1 motivator for a Democrat to pick up a protest sign and start marching. Socialist Bernie Sanders decided he too would jump on the Planned Parenthood train tonight, but his defense of taxpayer funding tended to overlook quite a few realities.







Just suppose for a minute that Obamacare isn’t doing what was promised. Then you can see why Planned Parenthood must be funded by taxpayers, right?


Let’s take a look at Vermont, as tweeter @jacigreggs included in this post along with the other states.

As long as we have the Planned Parenthood expert on the line, let’s hit him with one of those “gotcha questions.” And it’s not, “Is cervical cancer caused by too few orgasms?”


… that can’t be found elsewhere? Tens of thousands of mammograms, right? Dozens? Zero?

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