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At campaign relaunch, Hillary Clinton reveals her two accomplishments as secretary of state

As Twitchy noted, Hillary Clinton has all but erased her disastrous tenure as secretary of state as thoroughly as if it were a secret email server in her Chappaqua mansion. No, these days she prefers to talk about her meager accomplishments as a U.S. senator, as she did in today’s campaign (re)launch speech.


In May, Mark Halperin, asking a group of die-hard Clinton supporters to name her greatest accomplishments as secretary of state, learned only that she’s “a bad mama jama” who’s “not afraid to step up.”

For the curious, Clinton did manage to name two accomplishments today at her speech on Roosevelt Island.


While being in the Situation Room while Osama bin Laden was killed is impressive, some libs are wondering if, in retrospect, it wasn’t “a little silly” to send a Navy SEAL team after “a feeble old man living in a bunker.” Best to be humble about this one.




We’ll, let’s at least give her proper credit for standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.




Oddly, she left out fulfilling her promise to the parents of those killed in the spontaneous Benghazi terror attack to arrest and prosecute the maker of the “disgusting and reprehensible” YouTube video that inspired it.

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