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Shrinkage: More charges of 'doxxing' by Instapundit 'downsized' by accuser

As Twitchy reported, an opinion piece on #Shirtgate by Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds published in USA Today brought out the crazy in a big way, with people accusing Reynolds of “doxxing” (publishing private information about) Atlantic writer Rose Eveleth, whom he called on his blog a (gasp!) “horrible person” for ruining one of the best days of a man’s life in order to feel important.


One tweeter demonstrated how to downsize false accusations by first accusing Reynolds himself of doxxing Eveleth, then backing off and blaming him for encouraging others to “go after” her, and finally admitting that she “cannot prove otherwise” that Reynolds “wishes no harm to anyone.”

However, it’s a choice some just can’t avoid. Here’s another tweeter who started off strong.



This sounds familiar.






Instead of a citation, would you settle for a push of the reset button? Hours later …


Saturday night’s new Twitter hotness: accusing Glenn Reynolds of doxxing another writer and then backing off.


Not to mention Instapundit.





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