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'Box up that crap and send it to the WH': Students organize school lunch boycotts

As WGHP reported last week, hundreds of students at Farmington High School in Farmington, Conn., used Facebook to organize a school lunch boycott, claiming that lunches were raw or undercooked and contained the occasional hair. (Oh, and mold too, it looks like.)


Since then, students around the country have been organizing their own boycotts. The target of the Farmington boycott was the school’s contracted food service provider, but others have named school lunch czar Michelle Obama and her healthy serving sizes as the inspiration for their boycotts. In either case, high school students are taking action on their own.

Bob Dohr of the Wausau Daily Herard writes that D.C. Everest Senior High School student Meghan Hellrood and some friends “came up with Pack a Bag DCE, a push for kids to bring their own lunches on Thursday to send a message that they are unhappy with the new-look lunch.”

“We just figured (a boycott) would be the simplest way of doing it,” she said. “We love our faculty and our staff members and our lunch ladies, it’s just the [Healthy Hunger-Free Kids] act itself. We just want to show Washington and the act that we don’t agree with it.”


Hellrood took her story to “Fox and Friends” (video available on the Fox News site), where she said that “athletes are not performing as well as they could, and people’s test scores are going down because they’re hungry throughout the day.”

True enough, and it’s going national.


* * *


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