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'Social media works!' Twitter pressure helps suspend teacher who tweeted 'crackers' should 'Kill yourselves'

There are controversial opinions all over Twitter — it’s a fantastic demonstration of how social media can enable discussion and encourage freedom of speech. Sometimes that speech has consequences, though. How controversial is the opinion we’re talking about here?


Try this on for size: Vinita Hegwood, an English teacher at the Duncanville Independent School District in Texas, on Friday tweeted to those who disagreed with her opinions on the Michael Brown controversy in Ferguson, Mo., to “kill themselves.”

The complete tweet in question reads, “Who the fuck made you dumb duck ass crackers think I give a squat fuck about your opinions about my opinions RE: #Ferguson? Kill yourselves.”

Hegwood’s account has since been deleted, but Wayne Dupree has a screenshot of the tweet as well as the school district’s announcement today that Hegwood was placed on suspension without pay pending discharge after her tweet made the rounds over the weekend.

Yes, it does.







The school district today posted to YouTube video from a press conference announcing Hegwood’s dismissal.




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