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Sen. Marco Rubio: Americans need to hear president's 'clear and unequivocal' ISIS strategy

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is latest person to call for a strategy from President Obama to deal with the creeping threat of ISIS. In a letter sent to the president today, Rubio called on President Obama to address the American people with a strategy to ensure the defeat of the Islamic State and urged him to use his constitutional powers as commander-in-chief to conduct attacks to degrade and defeat ISIL as soon as practicable.



In his letter, Rubio writes:

ISIL’s intentions are clear; they aim to control as much territory as possible to establish a breeding ground for their warped ideology and a base of operations from which they can spread it; use murder and fear to control the population, propaganda to attract foreign fighters and funding, and then obtain the money, manpower, and weapons necessary to plot and carry-out attacks against Europe and the U.S.

The American people and the world need to hear you outline our strategy to defeat ISIL in clear and unequivocal terms. They need to hear the truth about ISIL, the threat they represent, and the sacrifice and combined effort that will be needed to defeat them.

“Just as the U.S. has conducted operations against terrorists elsewhere,” Rubio continued, “there is no legal reason preventing you from targeting ISIL in Syria. “With U.S. leadership the United States should vigorously pursue an international coalition to increase military options against ISIL, including increased air support and lethal assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish forces as well as a more aggressive approach to destroy supply routes, vital infrastructure and ISIL leadership wherever they are operating.”


The complete text of Rubio’s letter can be found on his website.

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