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Is Al Sharpton among 'conservative media' pushing 'knockout game' hysteria?

Ugh, indeed. Those “conservative media,” like Fox News, are stirring up trouble and racial animosity by reporting on the “knockout game,” in which roaming gangs try to knock out passerby without warning. Fortunately, Slate is reporting that, while the game does exist, the idea that it’s a trend is nothing more than a conservative myth.


The Los Angeles Times has also pitched in with a lengthy piece debunking the trend as a myth pushed by Fox News.

Both pieces arrive on the same day that the distinctly non-conservative Rev. Al Sharpton writes a piece in the non-conservative Huffington Post decrying the knockout game as “an alarming trend” that is “deplorable, reprehensible and inexcusable.” But it’s not racist, is it? “This behavior is racist, period,” Sharpton concludes.

The Rev. Al must be watching Fox News when he’s not taping his own show on MSNBC, because he’s convinced that the trend is not a myth and something must be done about it:

This week, I will be meeting with other leaders to address our next moves regarding this crisis. As one who has fought for greater civil rights for all, I cannot watch this travesty unfold. We can discuss the many factors that may lead to this sort of destructive behavior, whether it be poverty, unemployment, etc., but at the end of the day, there is no excuse ever to bestow violence on others. There is no justification for brutally punching or attacking a person in this manner. These kids must be held accountable, and then they must receive the right guidance and mentorship to halt any further damage. In our own communities, we must work harder to spot disastrous behavior and intervene before anything horrific like these attacks take place.


Which media outlet — Slate or the Los Angeles Times — is going to break the news to Sharpton and the Huffington Post that they’ve been had?

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also seems to have bought into the right-wing hysteria.

“Mayor Michael Nutter was joined by other city leaders Monday evening in an attempt to stop the so-called ‘Knockout Game’ from spreading to Philadelphia,” reported CBS Philly.


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