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Rep. Nancy Pelosi thrilled by Obamacare's November 'enrollment surge'

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is encouraging everyone to get in on the Obamacare action in November, which has seen “a much faster pace of sign-ups.” Must faster than what? October, obviously, which was a disaster.


Pelosi’s source is a piece in the Washington Post claiming that enrollment in state-run health insurance exchanges as of mid-November is on track to double that of October — enough to qualify as an “enrollment surge.” Unfortunately, October’s enrollment was admittedly “anemic” and is now upgraded to “not all doom and gloom.”

By mid-November, the 14 state-based marketplaces reported data showing enrollment has nearly doubled from last month, jumping to about 150,000 from 79,000, according to state and federal statistics. The nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, which has been tracking the data, called the most recent numbers “a November enrollment surge.”

The latest figures from the state-run exchanges, combined with totals on the federal exchange, bring the national number to at least 176,000. While the pace of enrollments increased this month, sign-ups are still well below early projections.

Keep in mind, this is the “good news” that Pelosi wanted to spread.

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