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Russell Simmons calls out 'fake Democrats' jumping ship from Obamacare

Whom does Def Jam Records co-founder consider a fake Democrat? In a lengthy blog post at his Global Grind website, he makes it clear it’s the 39 House Democrats who joined Republicans last week in voting for the Upton bill, which would allow insurance companies to continue sell and upkeep plans outlawed under the Affordable Care Act.


Simmons writes at Global Grind:

I can certainly understand anyone who is frustrated with the roll-out of the website, but I cannot understand nor can I respect anyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent, who wants the Affordable Care Act to fail. Call those people the “death panel,” because that is exactly what they will do to all of those Americans who are in desperate need of good medical treatment. They have NO other alternative to take care of the 40 million+ Americans who currently do not have healthcare. I know I’m a yogi, and I probably should have meditated before I published this blog…but if you are a Democrat who no longer supports the Affordable Care Act because of the complications with the website, then you deserve to join the unemployment lines with your friends on the other side come next November.

We thought the Affordable Care Act was about providing health insurance to the uninsured, not health care to the more than 40 million Americans Simmons claims have “no health care.” And the “Keep Your Health Plan Act” had nothing to do with “complications with the website” and everything to do with the president’s promise that Americans could keep their health insurance plan. Simmons probably should have meditated on that before publishing his blog.


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