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Michael Moore: GOP would charge Obama with treason if he shut down government

Before we talk treason, it’s important to remember that Michael Moore declared Bradley Manning’s status an official “hero” the moment he pleaded guilty to leaking piles of classified documents to WikiLeaks. So, assuming that President Obama had the constitutional power to just shut down the government at will, would the GOP accuse him of treason?


The real question isn’t about the GOP’s hypothetical reaction to such a shutdown, but why Moore is buying into the idea that today’s government shutdown doesn’t already belong to President Obama. He’s vowed to veto any continuing resolution that touches one hair on the head of his precious Obamacare, despite a majority of the American people supporting at least a delay in its implementation.

We don’t recall anyone being hanged for treason the last 17 times the government shut down, but that hasn’t convinced these folks that a shutdown isn’t a betrayal of the United States. At least “committing treason” is a nice break from the monotony of “taking the country hostage.”


Correction: you must have meant “Senate leader.” Where was Harry Reid all weekend anyway while the House was passing a bill to keep the government running?

Wow, you can commit treason against a person now?


The nation’s taking the switching off of Panda Cam really hard. And yes, there’s already a petition to have the House GOP arrested for treason, but sign quickly if you want to: we don’t know if the White House’s awesome petition site will be a victim of the shutdown too.

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