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Kurt Eichenwald needs help remembering all the #PeopleTheGOPHates


Vanity Fair contributing editor Kurt Eichenwald just knows that there must be more people the GOP hates than just gays, Muslims, liberals, the 47 percent, and brown and black people (all of whom compose a huge, huge percentage of Vanity Fair subscribers, we hear). Can you help Kurt add more? It’s what he does for fun on Saturday night, but it’s OK if you wanna play too.

How did Eichenwald forget women? That’s hurtful.

Oh yeah, they’re the worst.

Hungry, hungry hippos even. Greedy little plastic welfare bastards.


Was that part of the game, or just Eichenwald randomly crying out in ecstasy?

All those “hate prayers” so soon after the tragedy really were out of line.

Um, anyone want to play charades or something else?

Thank goodness, Ace finally spotted the Ace signal. Bring it, Ace.


Part 2? Um, did we mention tonight’s “Raising McCain” night? All us conservatives love it. Gotta go! Great party, Kurt!

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