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'Just a blogger'? Lee Stranahan's video blog of Syrian Christian refugees blows away MSM coverage

Thanks to the power of crowd-funding, filmmaker and independent journalist Lee Stranahan has been in Beirut, Lebanon for about a week, where he hopes to shine a light on the mostly unreported story of Syria’s Christian refugees.


Stranahan has posted a series of “bite-sized” video blogs to YouTube explaining the situation on the ground in Lebanon, and Twitchy is proud to help spread the word about Christian refugees from a terrific reporter exposing what should be all over the U.S. media.

Stranahan beings with a lesson Syria 101 and the players at work, including the (according to Sen. John McCain) “legitimate and moderate” resistance that is partially composed of al-Qaeda members and sympathizers.


Where is the media on this story? Stranahan managed to make it to Beirut on his own with a video camera.



More blog posts and videos can be found at leestranahan.com.

One last note for the American cable news networks: this setup will get it done if you really want to get the story of the cleansing of Christians from the Middle East out there.

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