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Attorneys general urge Kitson to pull drug-themed T-shirts; Store digs in

The attorneys general of Florida, Kentucky and Maine aren’t buying the excuse that a line of prescription drug-themed T-shirts and jerseys were meant to “open the door to a dialogue” on drug abuse, and have asked retailer Kitson to pull the shirts from its shelves.


In a letter, Pamela Bondi, Jack Conway and Janet Mills wrote that “the only dialogue needed at this point is how all responsible segments of society can better educate the public about the dangers of abusing powerful prescription drugs.” The sport jerseys, featuring Xanax, Vicodin and Adderall in the place of athlete names, are sold with the tagline, “Pop one on and you’ll feel better.”

NBC’s Tamron Hall decided to get in on the dialogue, inspiring Kitson to call for a boycott of the Today show via a Facebook post.

Please seek alternative, balanced resources for morning entertainment and news other than Today on NBC.

Tamron Hall has practiced irresponsible journalism by voicing a negative, personal opinion regarding our business . Such comments made by a commentator with a national platform have the potential to cause irreparable damage. The revenue our business generates supports many; to attempt to negatively impact it by stating, “people should probably not shop there until they stop carrying the t shirts” and “It’s irresponsible” should not be tolerated.

An outraged “Third Rock from the Sun” star Kristen Johnston, who had a run-in with Kitson on Twitter last week, laid into the retailer again today.


Are you KIDDING ME????

“A Kitson representative has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission regarding Tamron Hall’s inappropriate comments. It is not Kitson’s role to monitor journalistic integrity, but we felt this needed to be brought to the forefront.”

This is what she said…

I seriously cannot imagine what in God’s name they’re thinking over there, but she, like me, HAS EVERY RIGHT to express her views.

I simply CANNOT BELIEVE their behavior.


Kitson has agreed to a cease fire of sorts, if its demands are met.

Kitson will stop selling the t-shirts in question if tv networks agree to stop accepting ad revenue from prescription drug companies. We invite Kristen Johnston @kjothesmartass to join us in this call to action since she is a working actress on a show owned by a national network, and actors’ salaries are directly affected by advertising revenue.

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