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White House's new gun safety 'offerings' actually executive actions

In a closed-door meeting with 16 mayors earlier this week, the president “vowed to continue doing everything in his power to combat gun violence through executive action,” and he made good on that promise today by announcing two new executive actions to accompany the 23 he signed in January.


The new gun control measures didn’t draw much media attention today, but the White House, assisted by the Associated Press, did its best to couch them as “offerings.” The administration’s deputy director of communications, for example, announced the arrival of “new actions to improve gun safety.”

In a Facebook post, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) instead called the executive actions another end-run around Congress that “flies in the face of Texans and the American people.”

Robert Laurie of called the two executive actions, which cover reimportation of U.S. military weapons and registration of machine guns and short-barrel shotguns to a trust or company, “a big bunch of nothing,” noting, “We’re sure that all those murderers in Chicago and Detroit — who’ve obviously acquired their automatic AK-47’s by registering them to a trust — are disappointed.”


Even Piers “Musket” Morgan couldn’t find it in himself to celebrate these new “gun safety offerings.”

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