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With the floundering Los Angeles Times now owned by creditors, the reporters and editors remaining in the newsroom don’t have much leverage when it comes to which direction the newspaper will take. That hasn’t stopped many of them from having a hissy fit over the idea that the capitalist boogeymen known as the Koch brothers might purchase the Times along with seven other Tribune Co. papers that recently emerged from a four-year bankruptcy reorganization.


It’s been widely reported that, at a recent LA Times staff meeting, fully half in attendance raised their hands when asked if they’d quit if the paper were purchased by the Koch brothers. The fact that it was an informal poll likely emboldened quite a few, but will they sing the same tune when paychecks are on the line and not just their progressive credentials?

Many watching from the sidelines don’t consider a mass exodus of obviously biased writers much of a threat. In fact, they’ve started using the #IWillQuitTheLATimes hashtag to issue their own demands.


Here’s some truth in reporting.

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