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Biden talks Aztecs, time warps, black helicopters at gun control push

Vice President Joe Biden insisted today that the Obama administration “is going to win this fight” to implement expanded gun control measures, including magazine capacity limits and universal background checks. Who, then, is going to lose the fight? The “black helicopter crowd,” who think that the government is going to swoop down and take their guns, that’s who.


It’s not the first time Biden has referred to gun rights activists as the “black helicopter crowd”; he used the slur in an interview with NPR last month.

In front of an audience of law enforcement officers at the White House today, Biden said he’s “convinced that those folks who are trying to stop any action are in a time warp.” They’re so out of touch, they must seem like representatives of another civilization to the Newtown families flown in on Air Force One to lobby for “common sense” gun control.


Biden did his impression of Second Amendment supporters living in a “bizarre” fear of Uncle Sam swooping down to snatch their firearms.

The act received poor reviews on Twitter.

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