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Ace blows the lid off Mark Kelly's AR-15 background check exposé

Mark Kelly has traveled to space and back, and since then has been just about everywhere else (including Colorado) making a case for gun control in the face of those Second Amendment supporters on the “ideological fringe.” Kelly recently lit up social media with news that he had purchased an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle — the “poster boy” of military-style assault weapons — in Arizona.


Kelly has said he was trying to prove a point about background checks, not unlike Michael Moore’s (perfectly legal) acquisition of a hunting rifle in his anti-gun movie “Bowling for Columbine.” Breitbart.com has some questions for Kelly, though. If he was trying to prove how easy it was to purchase an AR-15, why did he purchase a used one, which would require him to wait 20 days to take possession? The owner of Diamondback Police Supply told Breitbart that Kelly hasn’t even completed the background check paperwork yet due to the waiting period.

If the purchase was just a stunt to show how easy it is to buy an assault weapon, it wasn’t very well planned. Ace of Spades has a few questions of his own, which he posed to Commander Kelly via Twitter.


Please, please let him say David Gregory.

About that background check…. What does it prove, exactly, if it works as intended and allows a law-abiding citizen to exercise his or her Second Amendment right to own a firearm?


Kelly’s been pretty quiet about the whole affair. If it was a publicity stunt, it did get publicity, but probably not the kind Kelly wanted.


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