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At last, Time Person of the Year finalist and expert on all things Sandra Fluke has weighed in on the gun violence plaguing the nation — and by weighed in, we mean forwarded a link to a Ms. magazine blog post. Entitled, “Why Won’t We Talk About Violence and Masculinity in America,” the post says … well, we’ll read it tomorrow, we promise. OK, we’ll skim it so you don’t have to.


It’s not racist or sexist to suggest that white men are struggling with a loss of power in this country. I’m not demonizing white men, many if not most of whom probably don’t feel powerful and in control. But the fact remains that in this country white men have long ruled – in public and private life. They continue to dominate government and media even as the nature of families and private life has evolved over time. No one likes to lose power. Losing power is hard and unpleasant, frightening and disorienting.

Hmm, which white men might not feel powerful or in control? The ones whose girlfriends turn to the federal government to pay for their condoms, maybe? We can only speculate, but Fluke’s link gave some food for thought.


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