OK, this editor promises this is the last post on drag queens today. We wanted to make sure that this really was underwritten by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, so we went to the website, and indeed, the Carousel Theater for Young People is sponsored by Canada, the province of British Columbia, and the city of Vancouver. It’s so woke, its “about” page begins with a land acknowledgment.

So, for just $460, you can send your 7-year-old to drag summer camp. If you have hesitations, check out this logic from the official website: “You might be wondering, is drag for kids? Drag is for everyone! Parents, ask yourself, what’s the difference between what you wear at home versus what you wear at work? You’re doing drag honey, you just don’t know it!”

So if you put on a suit to go into the office, that’s drag? Seriously.

There were some “scare” tweets going around after the Covenant School shooting, such as this one from Benny Johnson. But it was a good reminder: In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus made a video in which they gleefully admit they’re “coming for your children.”

Here’s the full video on YouTube if that didn’t make you sick.


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