We’re not sure what the big deal is — as soon as they heard there was a school shooting, liberals were, well, not praying, but hoping that the school shooter was a white male. And according to the trans community, Audrey Hale was a white man.

Not able to blame the shooting on a biological male, the trans community, not to mention some of the mainstream media, has begun to point the finger of blame at the Tennessee legislature for passing “anti-trans” bills that apply only to minors and prevent them from permanently surgically altering their bodies or chemically castrating themselves.

But let’s zoom in more closely: What about the school itself? It was a private Christian school, and Hale, 28, had reportedly been a student there. Imagine the hell “he” must have gone through. Trans activist Eli Erlick, “a proud criminal” who ships “lifesaving medicine” (prescription hormones) to minors across state lines, says it’s clear Hale was abused at the school.

Obviously. So the plan is to ban assault weapons and regulate religious schools. Got it.

Thank you for noticing that we’re trying to destroy public schools. Good riddance.

They probably didn’t teach gender identity in kindergarten.

She looks like a public school teacher.

Obviously, it was wrong to shoot up a school, but …


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