This editor has said it time after time: Shouldn’t the onus to prove it’s a good thing be on the people who are trying to put kids and drag queens together at every opportunity? No, it’s up to the sane ones to say, no, let’s keep sexually suggestive performances away from children. But even if you say that, they’ll come back at you with a stupid argument like the one “independent investigative journalist” Brian Krassenstein makes: a 13-year-old drag queen’s performance is no more provocative than high school cheerleaders at a football game.

“… when it’s a nonbinary teen?”

So he’s saying that Republicans should crack down on gymnastic and high school cheerleading too?

So Krassenstein has found a way to defend this 13-year-old boy dressing like a stripper in black leather and dancing in front of what looks to be an all-adult, all-male crowd … it’s no worse than teen gymnasts wearing that sexy leotard on the balance beam.


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