Media Matters tried to shame Transphobe of the Year Matt Walsh by posting a clip of him saying that having a trans child “is a fate worse than death.” Walsh fired back, saying he never said that, because to him, there’s no such thing as a trans child. He believes trans children are made, not born, and having your child “indoctrinated into a self-destructive cult” is a fate worse than death.

Here’s a dad (where’s mom?) whose biological son started wearing tutus before he was 3, and so dad affirmed his child’s gender and is getting her on hormones so she’ll never go through male puberty.

Walsh was called a stochastic terrorist for encouraging people to call in a bomb threat to Boston Children’s Hospital, where Dr. Jeremi Carswell says parents know some children are trans since the moment they’re born, practically, and “actions like refusing to get a haircut” or “playing with the quote ‘opposite gender’ toys” are pre-verbal indicators that the child is transgender. So wearing a tutu at age 3? Definitely trans.

(Note dad’s “Pete 2020” T-shirt.)

No, you need to start the puberty blockers and hormones as soon as possible to help affirm your child’s gender identity. Don’t wait until they’re, say, 5 … it may be too late.

Dad seems pretty happy that he can be a trans-rights activist and enroll his daughter in girls’ sports programs, where they can share locker rooms and showers. Biological girls love that.


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