Nikki Fried might have lost her bid to unseat Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida, but as we reported, she did enjoy a recent win: the Florida Democrats elected her their chair. And why not? Last August, she lost the Democratic primary to former Gov. Charlie Crist by a margin of 60 to 35 percent. Christ then got completely blown out by Ron DeSantis in the general, beating Crist by 20 percentage points and turning Miami-Dade red — the first Republican governor to do so since 1982.

But Fried isn’t finished with DeSantis. She’s on a mission to take down “Tator” — her pet name for DeSantis, “who’s doing everything he can to become a dictator. He’s already half of that word there.” Get it?

Yes, that’s the brilliant mind leading the Florida Democrats.

DeSantis has a new book out, and evil genius Fried hints that some bad book reviews on Amazon would really piss off the author.

New releases are usually discounted, aren’t they?

Hah! Amazon has limited reviews to verified purchasers due to “unusual reviewing activity.”

So what we take from Fried’s tweet is that the guy who trounced the guy who trounced her has the best-selling book on Amazon at the standard discount for new releases and people who haven’t read it should post fake reviews.

She’s going to take the Florida Democrats to bold new places.


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