There were a lot of flip-flops this past Saturday. In the morning, liberals were crying that Republicans were obsessed with “some dumb weather balloon” and yet didn’t care about the COVID-19 pandemic or the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago, which are a much larger security threat. In other words, don’t sweat it about the balloon. Then President Joe Biden ordered the balloon shot down, and the same liberals celebrated the leadership and courage demonstrated by the president.

As Twitchy reported earlier, “a senior official” says that three similar Chinese spy balloons traversed the country while Donald Trump was president. This seems odd, because had the media gotten a sniff of that story, it would have made headlines for weeks. And we’re just now finding out about it, right after Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to float across the continental United States?

Karine Jean-Pierre was asked Monday how it was possible that none in the Trump administration knew about these three spy balloons.

“Fusion Natasha” Bertrand reported it so it must be true.


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