Well isn’t this something? Former CNN+ host and WEF moderator Brian Stelter is actually giving credit to Fox News, which we guess he still watches every minute he can, for showing a live feed of the Chinese spy balloon getting shot down over the Atlantic. Some people are still trying to trash Fox News: Was that operation cleared for the public? Hell, TV cameras could see it from the coast.

Are you serious? It makes President Joe Biden look good to have known about the balloon since January 28, allowing it to complete its mission by crossing the United States and gathering data, and then shooting it down?

Some people are coping by saying that it’s no big deal because we already knew it was going to be shot down, while others are complaining about Fox News’ commentators not giving Biden enough credit.

Maybe since Stelter hasn’t been drinking the water out of CNN’s water fountains his mind is beginning to clear.