As we’ve noted several times, the Biden administration is all-in on gender-affirming care for minors, whether it be hormones or “top surgery.” He even shot a video for the Trans Day of Visibility where he told the trans community that he had their backs:

We noted that Biden made no such video for Detrans Awareness Day, on which minors who regretted their gender-affirming care told their stories. In fact, at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on anti-LGBTQ violence, “social justice advocate, nonprofit leader, writer, poet, feminist” and Inside Out Youth Services Advocacy Organization CEO Jesse Pocock testified that she didn’t believe detransitioning was real: “I’ve never heard of a case of anyone de-transitioning so I honestly don’t think it’s a real thing,” she said.

It is real, and one of its most outspoken representatives is Chloe Cole. We’re not sure where she’s speaking, but check out these protesters. Is that a “Jesus was trans” sign?

Exactly: There has to be a penalty for leaving the cult or else other people might try to leave.

Final word to Cole:


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