Wow, and you thought the media was bad in the United States. Check out the snotty ITV reporter trying to get Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to admit trans women are “not equal” because those who’ve committed sexual and violent crimes against biological women will be banned from being incarcerated in women-only prisons.

This was posted by Peter Smith, a journalist at ITV News. We’d sure like to know if that was him asking the questions.

As Twitchy reported, J.K. Rowling set up a female-only center for victims of sexual violence in Scotland, and the only reason she was able to do it is that “the service is funded solely by Rowling and is not set up as a charity, which means trans activists won’t be able to petition the Charities Commission to close it down.”

There are a lot of people responding to J.K. Rowling by simply posting “cis.” It’s apparently now an insult to call someone cisgender because their gender identity and sex are the same.


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