As Twitchy reported Monday, The Daily Beast took the low road with its headline, “How a 17-Year-Old’s Locker Room Freakout Became an Anti-Trans Crusade” and made her an “overnight fringe icon.” We bring that up because that’s how the Left sees a trans woman walking into the YMCA showers with a teen girl inside: it’s “fringe.” The teen complained to the city council, which counts as a “freakout.”

If you can’t support biological males in the women’s showers, you probably are fringe enough that you don’t think schools should transition students without their parents’ knowledge. As we’ve said so many times, parents are assumed to be the “enemy”: they’ll refuse to accept their child’s gender transition and it’s up to teachers and counselors to serve as their new “parents.”

The New York Times got pummeled in the replies after it ran a story on schools changing kids’ gender identities without informing their parents:

Here’s an example:

Oh no, the arms of the Right!

Trans activists and their allies just can’t comprehend why you wouldn’t want your minor daughter to undergo a double mastectomy to affirm their true gender. Since there are no long-term studies on this, how many grow to regret that decision?


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