It was just two days ago when The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak reported on a group called the Pride Liberation Project, which organized those school walk-outs in Virginia, that said it would “rehome” gay and trans kids whose parents didn’t affirm their sexuality and even give money to students who run away and hide from their parents. The group did caution kids that their new parents will “likely be white.”

Rosiak, who’s done some incredible investigative work, is back today with a new thread on the same subject. This time, the subject is the head of the National Association of School Psychologists’ LGBTQI-2S Committee, who’s involved with the group that will take your child and resettle them with “queer-friendly” guardians. Once again: the National Association of School Psychologists. (The 2-S stands for two-spirited, by the way.)

Meet Amy Cannava:

NARRATOR: She doesn’t recognize that parental consent is a big deal.

Most of the time it’s “I think I’m trans,” which really means, “I’m trans.” Better get those puberty blockers going!

This is on her Instagram page; hopefully straight white boys feel comfortable coming to her with their problems:

Read the whole thing.

The whole thing’s disturbing, but what gets us is the assumption that you’re transgender if you “think” you might be trans. Who might be putting that idea into your head? Is she shooting for a new record day when more than five students come out to her? Is there a quota?