You know how Brian Stelter’s thing was to watch Fox News all day long and tweet what they were doing? Media Matters “senior researcher” Jason Campbell seems to have a similar gig, but he watches Ben Shapiro’s show and then does absolutely nothing to refute what Shapiro says — it’s just supposed to be self-evident from the clips he posts.

As Twitchy reported earlier this week, students in Virginia held a walkout to protest Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s “transphobic” school policies; one viral interview showed a non-binary student break into tears because she was scared of the governor: “How can he stand there and say he loves this country and loves this state if he wants to hurt us,” she asked.

Check out what Shapiro thinks is a “logical” school policy on restrooms:

A lot of people are “owning” Shapiro by asking if he has separate bathrooms in his home for women and men because that’s exactly the same thing as a school restroom. We know you’re a TERF if you claim women are being erased, but it would suck to be a girl in school now knowing that you have no spaces exclusively for biological females and being told it’s your fault if you object.


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