Thanks largely in part to Libs of TikTok, we’ve seen a lot of teachers giving tours of their classrooms. A Canadian teacher who’s also a drag queen turned his classroom into a pride-themed nightclub. Another teacher explained how her little pride flag “is the most important part of my classroom.” A white fourth-grade teacher in a “posh” school district told how she’d cleansed her classroom of white faces; for example, there’s not a single white face on the coloring pages she hands out.

We’re not sure where this comes from, but the teacher has made signs — for everyone except white and Asian males — reminding them that black lives matter, Muslim students are not terrorists, and Latino students are not rapists or drug dealers.

Here’s the full photo if that got cut off:

Is this cropped? Is there one that says “Dear white and Asian students: University admissions departments will discriminate against you.”

Someone in the comments said this is an old photo from after the 2016 election, when President Trump was calling all Mexicans rapists and informing men how women let you grab them by the p***y” — so signs like these were necessary.


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