We honestly don’t know why we keep writing about David Hogg, Parkland “survivor” (along with hundreds of other young people). He managed to gain credibility with his March for Our Lives, which we’re pretty sure had something to do with him being accepted to Harvard. Still, he just keeps saying such wrong and embarrassing things we can’t overlook them.

As Twitchy reported Monday, no less than the Canadian Broadcasting System did a piece on the online radicalization of young men (actually, just one young man, who admitted to joking about the gender pay gap with his buddies). The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro is featured early in the piece, and even though the writer admitted that Shapiro doesn’t belong to any hate groups, his podcast is popular with impressionable young men. And Shapiro talks about things like masculinity … toxic masculinity.

Hogg agrees that Shapiro is influencing incels — “involuntary celibates” — by talking like a refugee of 4Chan.

And we’re supposed to take Hogg seriously why?

“Mass shooter manifestos I’ve read.”

He said he’d rather own a Porsche than have kids, which is fine with us.


So Hogg thinks Shapiro is being immature. We guess there are a lot of incels out there considering how popular his podcast is.


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