We wish “journalists” working for major media outlets had to sign some sort of deal that they’d keep their work in-house and not take publishing deals on the side: that’s how we get dreck from Brian Stelter and Maggie Haberman. CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett has a book to sell; “The Big Truth” comes out later this month.

Garrett’s already on the publicity tour, and as we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Garrett claimed that the 2020 election was “the greatest success of American democracy in history.” If that were true, you wouldn’t think so many people would be questioning it. We heard all sorts of allegations of voter suppression from the Left.

Garrett talked to The Daily Beast, which noted that he mentions civil war on the very first page of his book:

Mediaite reports:

“We wanted to show people that what we’re talking about is just incremental steps from where we already are,” Garrett said regarding the possibility of another American civil war. “I don’t think anyone reading that first chapter can honestly say, ‘Oh, that could never happen.’ They have to say, ‘Holy crap, we’re 85 percent there.’”

We do imagine the majority of Americans saying, “Crap.”


And as far as the 2020 election being the greatest success in American history, we really hope he touches on the media and big tech censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Was dismissing that as Russian disinformation part of what made it the greatest success?


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