As you all know, the citizens of Martha’s Vineyard had their own migrant encounter last week, encountering a whopping 48 Venezuelan migrants who’d been flown north from Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The cookies they’d baked for their new guests hadn’t even cooled when more buses whisked the migrants away to a military base on Cape Cod. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd noted that Martha’s Vineyard is “a literal island that doesn’t have any infrastructure” (but plenty of mansions listed on Airbnb for rent). How many migrants is a literal island expected to support?

DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott have been testing the sanctuary city system for a few weeks now, and Washington, D.C. declared a humanitarian crisis after 4,000 migrants had been dropped off, with Mayor Muriel Bowser twice approaching the National Guard for help (and twice being turned down).

DeSantis and Abbott have proved their point: why are small border towns expected to deal with an exponentially greater number of migrants with their limited infrastructure? Fox News’ Bill Melugin points out that August’s migrant encounter numbers haven’t yet been released but will push the number over 2 million, with a month to go in the fiscal year.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but we recently saw a tweet claiming nearly 800 deaths this fiscal year.

If we recall correctly, someone during the Democratic debates urged illegal immigrants to immediately surge to the border if he were elected.***

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