Hillary Clinton still claims to this day that the 2016 election was stolen out from under her, with her evidence being the faked charges her own campaign leveled against Donald Trump. There’s no way he could have won with the amount of cheating she was doing.

Clinton’s out of mothballs promoting some show she and Chelsea have on Apple TV+ (along with another kids’ book, we think), so she’s appearing anywhere that will have her. Joe Scarborough decided to give her some airtime Friday, and she agreed with his accusation that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had stooped to “literal human trafficking.” Sorry, but that doesn’t fly (pardon the pun). President Joe Biden has been flying illegal immigrants all over the country, dropping off 70 planeloads in Florida for them to take care of. If the Democrats cared one bit about literal human trafficking, they’d secure the border and stop encouraging people to come here.

“I cover national politics, with a focus on Donald Trump” … in 2022. Thanks, Forbes!

And the media is praising the people of Martha’s Vineyard for “feeding and clothing” them as if they arrived from Florida starving and naked.

And none of this became a problem for Democrats or the media until Texas and Arizona and Florida started sending migrants north. It was the last thing of their list of priorities, with the January 6 select committee topping the list of must-address issues.