We wrote at length Monday about “Gender Queer” and keeping “graphic content” out of schools, in the context of Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter setting straight a Michigan state senator who apparently believes that being able to find “actual” porn in the store’s checkout aisle means that school libraries might as well have it too. This senator was a typical liberal flake who added nothing to the conversation except Democrat talking points about underfunded schools and shooting deaths and explicit passages in the Bible.

We’re fans of FIRE — the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression — as they’ve often come to the rescue of conservative students who’ve had their beliefs quashed at their universities. We’re not sure why FIRE was so anxious to tweet this interview with Dr. Jill Biden, though.

As someone above put it, there’s a difference between “banning” a book and removing it from the curriculum if it’s not age-appropriate. We thought that was one of the jobs of being a librarian: choosing which books will have space on your shelves.


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