We’ve learned over the last couple of weeks that, among others, Libs of TikTok, Matt Walsh, and Christopher Rufo are guilty of promoting “stochastic terrorism” against children’s hospitals of all places by posting their own videos and then weaponizing their followers to call in threats. As we reported Thursday, Rufo was at it again, talking about how Lurie Children’s Hospital had entered into a partnership with some Chicago school districts to help them go beyond the gender binary and learn how to “affirm” students who buck the gender norms.

Rufo was back the next day with a video from Lurie Children’s Hospital featuring a gender conversation with 13-year-old Jupiter. The child’s young enough to have their face blurred, but apparently old enough to consent to puberty blockers and hormones.

That’s why they put the adult in the video to simply nod in agreement with everything that comes out of the 13-year-old’s mouth.

Bonus: Here’s another video:

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