Remember how President Joe Biden was going to be the great unifier? And then a couple of days ago he called the “extreme MAGA” wing of the Republican Party “semi-fascist.” And on Tuesday, he told us “brave right-wingers” that we’d need an F-15 and maybe more if we intended to take on the U.S. government. All we really want to do is flip the House and maybe the Senate and then roll back some of the damage Biden has done in a year and a half.

Biden has been pretty careful to distinguish between Republicans (who play ball with the Democrats) and ultra-MAGA or extreme MAGA Republicans. DNC adviser Kurt Bardella wasn’t about to play those word games and told MSNBC Tuesday night that the entire Republican Party is basically a domestic terrorist cell and needs to be treated as such.

We’ve already heard that the red MAGA hat was the new Klan hood. We think that goofy actress who has us blocked actually wrote an entire op-ed arguing that.

So where do we go from here, when the DNC is calling for the Republican Party to be treated as a domestic terrorist cell? You mean like siccing the FBI on its members?

So they have less than a hundred people charged with parading at the Capitol on January 6, but 74 million Donald Trump voters. Are all 74 million to be treated as a white nationalist terrorist cell? Do the #NeverTrumpers fall into the basket too or are they excused and put on probation?

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