Way back in January, Slate published a piece explaining the “agony” of parents with children under 5 who couldn’t get vaccinated yet — every parent with a child under 5 had a knife hanging over their head. What was taking so long for the FDA to approve a vaccine for toddlers and babies for emergency use? Well, that time finally came without much fanfare, and according to the New York Times, only about 6 percent of kinds under 5 are vaccinated against COVID-19. Could it be that Americans have lost trust in Anthony Fauci and the CDC?

Aaron E. Carroll writes:

You would think that vaccination sites would have been swamped with parents rushing to vaccinate their young children against Covid after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccines for the under-5 age group in June. But as of early August, around 5 percent of eligible children under 5 had received the first dose of the vaccine series. Worse, the number of them being immunized has been decreasing.

What does it say, then, that most parents have not vaccinated their children against Covid‌? ‌‌Even if, as the data would suggest, they’ve vaccinated themselves at much higher rates? ‌

I fear that it’s indicative of Americans’ loss of trust in the public health system of the United States. Much of that is because of misinformation and disinformation spread about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. But some of it is the result of inconsistent and often suboptimal science communication by public health experts.

Maybe people’s perspective on getting the vaccine changes when it’s their 6-month-old baby getting the shot.

If only 6 percent of the under-5 crowd is vaccinated, that’s a good sign that people can properly assess risk.

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