Slate published a piece Tuesday called, “The Agony of Parents With Kids Under 5.” In it, Jaime Green explains that every parent with a child under 5 has a knife hanging over their head:

We just had to make it to the end of January, I thought. Past the peak of omicron. Maybe we’d even have an under-5 vaccine within sight. Anthony Fauci suggested spring might be possible….

Apparently not. I was chasing my son around the house this weekend—literally, he runs laps to a playlist of four 30-second songs from Blaze and the Monster Machines, and he insists that one of us adults runs with him—when I saw the news: The Moderna vaccine trial for kids under 5 was being extended. Extended and delayed. And I felt like I’d been punched in the chest. I wandered off from the racetrack while Blaze kept blaring and hoped my son didn’t notice while I searched my phone for answers.

The worst part, maybe, was that this wasn’t even a press release. It wasn’t even big news.

Kiley Kroh didn’t write the piece, but she is getting a lot of attention for the excerpt she posted:

Is vaccinating kids 5 and under going to bring us any closer to the “end” of the pandemic?

At least hide the fear from the children so they’re not damaged.