As we said in an earlier post, we had no idea that anyone was even paying attention to former Vice President Mike Pence, but now he’s leading Wednesday’s news cycle for his speech in which he said that calling to defund the FBI was as wrong as calling to defund the police. The White House also released a statement saying that President Joe Biden condemns calls from Republicans to defund the FBI. Former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa wants to know what happens when this anti-FBI rhetoric gets someone killed.

We normally count on Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott to provide us with great video clips, but what he has for us today is a righteous thread explaining why we all should be calling to defund the FBI:

Only 62?

A while ago it was forbidden to question U.S. intelligence as a whole, but now it’s especially forbidden to question the FBI. Who makes these rules? The Left does and then cries that people will die if you don’t stop.

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