Remember back during the 2000 election when there were discussions on how high to set the signature-matching machines? When there was talk of “curing” ballots — allowing an absentee voter whose signature does not match to cast a provisional ballot, then “cure” the defect within a certain period of time? When a month before the election, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that signatures on a mail-in ballot did not have to match those on file on the voter’s registration form?

You have probably heard of the effort to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, who never met a criminal he wanted to put behind bars. The guy has blood on his hands, and the people had had enough. We’re learning today, though, the the recall effort failed to qualify for the ballot — they needed 566,857 signatures … they got 520,050 signatures — after nearly 30 percent were thrown out.

We’re not suggesting that there’s any reason to doubt U.S elections, because that would make us conspiracy theorists and we’d be kicked off of Twitter for spreading misinformation.