Rep. Adam Kinzinger has been posting some really odd things on social media lately. Consider that we have a Supreme Court justice who can’t tell you what a woman is and that the dictionary has changed the definitions of girl and boy. Kinzinger isn’t afraid to be anti-PC and contend that there’s such a thing as being “manly,” and a lot of Gen X and millennial men have never done anything manly … probably because they’ve been castrated by the PC crowd.

Kinzinger, whose “manly” credentials are intact, is calling out the chickenhawks who act tough on social media.

Kinzinger’s good friend Ray Epps came out from behind his keyboard, but he was just misguided.

As Twitchy reported, Kinzinger posted a screenshot of a private Facebook group and the name of his former co-pilot in Iraq after he came out in support of Trump. The co-pilot never even mentioned Kinzinger’s name in his post, but Kinzinger took it public like a petulant child.

He’ll be a commentator on MSNBC sooner than you think.

What’s considered “manly” these days? Trying to assassinate a Supreme Court justice over an abortion ruling?