If you were curious about how the Principled Conservatives™ are feeling after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, look no farther than Tom Nichols sharing Joe Walsh’s assessment that there’s no way to save the Republican Party and it must be voted out of power.

So, in other words, to conserve conservatism, you must vote a straight Democratic ticket. If you’d like to see some truly unhinged takes, just look at the replies to Nichols.

Voters will be going to the polls in Wyoming this Tuesday to choose which Republican they’d like to run to represent the state in Congress, and Jon Cooper, who worked on both the Obama and Biden campaigns, says that the Republican Party will never recover if Rep. Liz Cheney loses her primary battle with her Trump-endorsed opponent. Which she will.

Are we going to have to watch all of the panelists on MSNBC cry Tuesday night as they cover the returns from Wyoming? Are they really holding out any hope that Cheney has a chance?