As Twitchy reported, on Wednesday, Joe, Jill, and Hunter Biden (carrying a backpack of who knows what) hopped on Air Force One for a week-long vacation in South Carolina; we can’t wait to see Hunter’s vacation videos. So the president is out of the office until next week, but his scheduled tweets are still firing off, and in Thursday’s, he reflects on the anniversary of his announcement of Kamala Harris as his running mate. She’s the best partner he could have for the work ahead — although we’re not sure what value she’s provided so far.

No, but she did go to Guatemala and found that persecution of the LGBTQ community there was a huge driver of migration to the United States.

What about those “weekly” lunches he announced he’d be having with the vice president? Have they had more than two this year? Do the two ever speak to each other?

If she’s a fearless fighter, why do people keep floating the idea of Pete Buttigieg running on top of the ticket in 2024? Could it have something to do with her approval ratings, which are even lower than Biden’s?

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