There was a joke going around a couple of months ago that scientists would discover something called the “midterm variant” of COVID that would flare up right before the November elections. People weren’t that far off, as the Biden administration is insisting that the coronavirus pandemic is still a thing (President Joe Biden just contracted COVID twice despite being double-vaccinated and double-boosted — although he bragged that, unlike President Trump, we had only mild symptoms and was able to work.

Politico is reporting that not everyone in the Biden administration is happy about extending the COVID emergency health order through the November midterms.

Politico reports:

The Biden administration is expected to extend the Covid-19 public health emergency once again, ensuring that federal measures expanding access to health coverage, vaccines and treatments remain in place beyond the midterm elections, three people with knowledge of the matter told POLITICO.

The planned renewal follows extensive deliberations among Biden officials over the future of the emergency declaration, including some who questioned whether it was time to let the designation lapse.

Under the proposed extension, the Department of Health and Human Services would continue the declaration beyond the November elections and potentially into early 2023 — pushing the U.S. into its fourth calendar year under a Covid public health emergency.

“Covid is not over. The pandemic is not over,” one senior Biden official said. “It doesn’t make sense to lift this [declaration] given what we’re seeing on the ground in terms of cases.”

The pandemic might not be over, but a lot of people are over the pandemic.

The conspiracy theory that the COVID emergency would extend through the midterms looks like it’s coming true.